Project Need

The proposed TH 169/101st Avenue Interchange would provide a key transportation facility in the northwest metro region of the Twin Cities within the City of Brooklyn Park. This project is vital to northwest Brooklyn Park and the surrounding communities, as the Target Campus and planned developments for NorthPark, Gateway, and Astra Village are expected to experience significant growth over the next decade.

This study is a critical step in addressing the goals and objectives of the City and its partners through the development of infrastructure improvements that enhance the local and regional transportation systems.

Project Overview

Interchange Study (Phase 1)

The TH 169/101st Avenue Interchange Study was completed as the first phase of this project in December 2014. The study process included extensive information gathering, development of transportation system alternatives, and alternative analysis and screening. Alternative #2 (Folded Diamond Interchange at 101st Avenue) was identified as the recommended interchange alternative based on the study.

Preliminary Design (Phase 2)

The next phase of the project is underway in 2015. Alternative #2 will be further studied and refined. A preliminary design layout and environmental documentation have been developed.

    Major issues in the area include:
  • Interchange spacing between TH 169/TH 610 and the proposed interchange. Coordination with MnDOT is ongoing.
  • Increased development being planned in Brooklyn Park. Within the next year, Target expects to expand with an additional 2,000 employees and 500,000 square feet of office and commercial facilities to the Target North Campus. Additional developments are expected at NorthPark, Gateway, and Astra Village.
  • Planned Bottineau LRT. The development of the Bottineau light rail line will provide opportunities for mixed use, transit-oriented development in the area. Coordination with the Metropolitan Council is ongoing.
  • Presence of the Rush Creek Regional Trail. This trail serves as a greenway for northwest Brooklyn Park, and is visited by 350,000 trail users annually. Coordination with the Three Rivers Park District is ongoing.
  • Identification of potential drainage issues.

Previous Studies

In 2007, Brooklyn Park completed their Transportation Plan update. The purpose of the plan was to identify existing and future transportation needs, identify the process needed to facilitate development and implement the recommendations provided. The updated plan established a framework to ensure that the transportation system will continue to meet the City’s needs. The plan identified the need for an interchange near 101st Avenue and TH 169 to service expected development in the northwest portion of the city and adjacent areas of neighboring communities.

Three separate studies have been previously completed along TH 169 in Brooklyn Park, which include I-94 to 93rd Avenue; the TH 169, CSAH 81, and 85th Avenue “Triangle”; and 93rd Avenue to 109th Avenue. These studies recommended the construction of grade-separated interchanges along TH 169 at the “Triangle”, 93rd Avenue, and 101st Avenue. Recent construction projects along TH 169 include the Triangle grade-separation at CSAH 81 (2008-2011) and the 93rd Avenue Interchange (2013). The last remaining recommended interchange is at TH 169/101st Avenue.